Where to watch the Ashes Test Cricket

Are you among those who love to watch cricket tournaments? Do you know about the Ashes test series? If you are a real cricket enthusiast, this tournament seems no new to you. While it will also not be a surprise if it happens that you know nothing concerning this tournament, but with us, you will learn a lot.

Ashes where to watch test cricket

The Ashes test series, is one of the best cricket tournament played around the world. The tournament usually involves team England competing against team Australia in five different matches. The series set its root back in 1883.

In the 100 years and 70 series so far, the team Australia dominates. It holds 33 wins while its counterpart holds 32 wins.

For this year, the Australian team will make a trip to England after an outstanding performance in the cricket world cup. While it is expected to be another historical tournament and series, many people out there are counting on the days.

This has been manifested by how people are looking and searching for the best ways to watch the series. If it happens that you are looking to Where to watch the Ashes Test Cricket, then you are at the right place.

The series will be played in five different matches at different venues. The first, second, third, fourth, and fifth test will be played in Birmingham, London, Leeds, Manchester, and London respectively. For those who can’t make the travel, they can tune to SKY TV or Now TV. You can also consider the Ashes live streaming.

Last Note

So, if you have been looking for where to watch the Ashes Test series, then you have got the right information. To miss this series that have been gone for more than 130 years, will be unfortunate for a cricket enthusiast like you.

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