7 undiscovered facts about Daniel Jacobs

DAZN is the best way to watch the Canelo vs Jacobs live fight. These two are ready for this night to get here and Jacobs is in the best shape of his life right now. He is seen as the underdog in this fight, but some feel that he will triumph over Canelo. Daniel Jacobs has overcome a lot of adversity and we have some interesting and undiscovered facts about Daniel Jacobs.

facts about Daniel Jacobs
  • Daniel Jacobs was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a very rare form of bone cancer. Daniel had to go through 25 rounds of radiation and long hours of surgery to remove the tumor and fuse his spine back together. He did not know if he would walk again.
  • The doctors told Jacobs that he would never walk again or box. Boxing is his life and he never gave up. He had to learn to walk again and then physical therapy helped him get back in the ring.
  • Daniel Jacobs founded the Get in The Ring Foundation to help kids with adversities that he went through as a child and an adult.
  • Daniel Jacobs has a son named Nate. He never mentions a wife or girlfriend.  He is very private when it comes to his family and personal affairs.
  • The Brooklyn Borough President declared April 22, 2017, to be ‘Daniel Jacobs Day’ in Brooklyn. The “Miracle Man” has done so much for the Brooklyn community and its children, he deserves more than a day.
  • Daniel Jacobs feels like when he loses a fight, the one person that he lets down is his son. He hates letting his son down more than anything. It truly hurts him everywhere to disappoint his son.
  • Even though he won’t tell many people, but when Jacobs was diagnosed with cancer, he became extremely depressed and wanted to give up. He became intensely sad and did not want to live another day. He decided that his son needed him to live and that’s when the fight against cancer began.

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