How to watch Titans game online with cable

Watching Titans games online with cable is very easy and available more than ever now. There are plenty of cable and streaming services that will broadcast the Tennessee Titans online coverage.

If you have a cable subscription, it is simple to watch the Titans play throughput the season.  You can watch regular-season games through your cable provider subscription. The channels that broadcast the live football games are CBS, NBC, NFL Network, and FOX.

If you have CBS, you probably have CBS All Access where you can watch the Tennessee Titans play live. If you live in an area that does not air the Titans’ games, there is still hope. All Access CBS has games, shows, movies, and more for you to view.

Watching the Titans with a digital antenna is another option for you. OTA antennas are great for streaming services as well. The best part is that the antenna does not have those awful rabbit ears included.

Many games are aired regionally on the Titans Preseason TV Network. It is channel 2 in Nashville and if you aren’t sure what channels to watch, check your local listings for the live games. Most of the games are on ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC affiliates.

Fans can also watch the Titans play live online as well. Check out the Tennessee Titans official home page or the official app and you can watch your team for free through mobile devices. Local fans can use their computers to watch the games too. The website is

When you decide to watch the Titans on their official home page, make sure that you have the latest version of the Tennessee Titans app. There will be a “watch live” link to click on and watch on your devices. The games usually begin at kick-off and the window will load just a few minutes prior to this.

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