Who is Indianapolis Colts Quarterback?

Do you know who is a quarterback in NFL? IF you know, you can agree with me that, the quarterback is the toughest position to play In NFL. It is a position that carries all the pressure, demands, and expectations than what people think of the center back.

Quarterback is the face of the team, and usually is the one who determines the successfulness of the team. He is responsible for the gauge of how bad or good the team will against its opponents.

Indianapolis Colts Quarterback

Moreover, playing a quarterback is different than playing any other position. There are many reasons, which separate from other positions.

For Indianapolis, they don’t have such a franchise quarterback after their established quarterback, Andrew Luck age 29 retired from the squad. Though he retired too early, I think it was because of many reiterating injuries that he suffered from time to time. This forced him to announce his retirement too early.

Though retired, he still in the memory of colts fans for what he achieved and accomplished for the team. The work he did, within the six seasons he was in colts squad playing as quarterback deserves the credit.

We all blame the reiterating injuries that changed his luck into unfortunate and those ailments that took a toll on his general psyche. It was a test to what he was able to deliver with such, adaptive NFL style.

Jacob Brisset will be the man to succeed the Andrew luck and he tasked with following the footsteps. Though will not be a simple task. The man, who was brought in from the New England Patriots In the business window of 2017, is no doubt the available replacement.

Last note

We all wish him a successful season at colts. We as fans we will always watch Colts game live to see our man in action.

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